By RunAndrewRun

From cycling to running to cycling & back agai

As yesterday's photo and entry indicated, I completed the last of my 5-marathons in April 1984.

Long before that 'running-phase' I'd already become (as a younger teenager) completely addicted to cycling - and cycle-touring in particular. I've actually been a CTC (Cyclists' Touring Club) Member since the very early 1980's!

Close friends and colleagues know that I have only ever really owned 2 bikes, my second one being purchased in 2009 and pictured here: a Ridgeback Panorama ... it's a wonderful bike :-)

As there are 3-days until the start of my marathon-training (on Sunday) I thought I'd use today/Friday/Saturday to illustrate my (other) obsession with cycling (and targets!) ... you can see here that I completed my 8th 'Pedal for Scotland' ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh (on the Ridgeback Panorama) in September 2010 ...

... bet you can't guess what's coming in the next couple of days?

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