Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Will and Jenny

First, huge thanks for all your very kind (and quite undeserved) comments yesterday, plus all the stars and hearts.  Very much appreciated.

I found this gorgeous jenny wren in the reserve this morning.  I'd gone extra early so I could get back in good time for Will, the lovely - and very hard working - student who came today to do some heavy work in the garden.  My goodness, what a star he was, digging up unwanted/out-of-control shrubs while I pruned the roses (which should have been done two months ago).  I hope he will come back at least once during the Easter hols.

I now feel stiff and in need of a long soak in the bath.  Will, I imagine, must be wrecked.

Hope your Good Friday hol has been fun, and a little less energetic than mine.  And have fun tomorrow, whatever you are doing  xx

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