Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Wrong vinegar?

What has that to do with the Photo?  I'll tell you - later - I'm going to see if I can publish from this Browser.  IF I can I'll complete entry. If not I'll change Browser to complete.

HUH! NO idea what stopped me last time; this time worked.

Right - vinegar first.  White Hens' eggs seem a little nearer being extinct than Hens TEETH are.  SO - I got into the habit of a short vinegar soak to reduce them to white - BUT - I'd NO clear vinegar hence pale, still brown, vinegar dyed eggs, they did have an interesting patter though, I wonder if it shows.

I decided to add some Gorse flowers, as we did in days of yore.  This showed me why Alice & I tended to stay home @ Bank holidays.  One year on a Friday prior to a Mon B/Hol we took 45, timed, minutes to exit Morrison's Car Park; today I was able to stop on the A66 long enough to take this shot.  You can see how far ahead the queue had shuffled in the few seconds.

Back to the Eggs.  "Note to self" - Boil them longer NOT just to cook them - BUT - long enough to dye them successfully, these leave a great deal to be desired.

Jiggery + un soupçon de pokery has placed the un-vinegared, the vinegared and the finished lame attempts on the same, Annual, display Plate. 

Just F Y I  the odd pedant, I KNOW "Pace Eggs" ought to be spelt "Pasche", just live with it EH?

B T W  - again.  A search for "Pasche eggs" will show precious FEW "properly" done.  << half a doz. on page.

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