*¨*:•Everyday Magic•:*¨*

By Squatbetty

I *am* an adult... honest

My friend sent me an Easter scratch art set and I made them today. Sent her this pic and she rated them with her niece as follows:
1 Carrot
2 Bunny
3 Chick
4 Flower
5 Egg
6 Basket
But she did add that they loved them all :-)

I got a 150 day streak on Duolingo so have been upgraded to 3 days on Super Duolingo... I thrashed the arse off it today! I love it. It's fun but really good for your brain.

Did some origami this evening. Made a hydrangea tessellation... I was amazed how quickly it came back to me. Made a little reel here.

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