Arnside and beyond

By gladders


This definitely needs to be seen large.

I was saying yesterday how every evening the estuary is different. Tonight it was particularly dynamic as the sun was breaking through the shifting clouds, and shafting light was illuminating parts of the landscape or reflecting off the water. I didn't have my binoculars, so I never worked out what the solitary rotund bird is, perhaps a curlew roosting and pointing away from us. The cold evening meant that Gus and I had the coast more or less to ourselves.

News at last. Oliver Ernest was born by caesarean section this afternoon after a long labour, weighing in at eight pounds twelve ounces. Mother and baby are well. My nephew Ed is a proud father, and my sister is now a grandmother and my Dad a great-grandfather! Thank you for all the kind messages this last couple of days.

I have to make my usual apology for poor commenting, and thank you for bearing with me. This is blip No 900, where does the time go?

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