Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

All going smoothly

Up at 6.15, toast and tea and coffee and off before 8, having washed up and watered plants etc plus done the things we neglected yesterday... We had been concerned about heavy traffic as it's the last day of the holidays and said to be a busy day on the roads. We did the drive in just over 5 hours including a proper stop and a delicious - huge - prawn  and egg and mayonnaise sandwich. Very good going indeed, clear roads and sunshine almost all the way. I drove as Mr Keith is a bit fuzzy round the edges.

We normally swap over half way, but I felt fresh so it was ok, I even navigated the run up to the airport, with many turnings and crossroads, without screaming. I live in a very quiet place with few challenges of that sort, I wonder if I will ever drive in the UK again, with all the crazy traffic? Having learnt in Sweden and never driven regularly in the UK I am a right wimp about it all being on the very utterly absolutely wrong side of the road.

Wrong things: this digital display is hard to read in its current state, and I don't like the message on the back wall either...

We have chopped up carrots and baby tomatoes to munch on the plane, have bought a sandwich (a meal deal is sadly missing in Sweden, but you can buy a dull looking butty for a fiver if you like) and there are apples. I can say apple in Portuguese but if I have to tell you whose, or how many in any detail, my brain will start steaming. I am a bit stuck to be honest, but I did 45 minutes of practice at the airport which is dedication.

Speaking of which, dedication to blip... I might be absent from blip as far as commenting goes, the family will have expectations on my time... and so will I. We'll see how it goes, and normal service usually returns now and then. 

So time to board soon, arriving in Heathrow around 9 UK time, so it's a long day for us, snoozing might happen mid air! Or on the tube if we dare...!

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