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By ajt

IBM wifi

For my oldest laptop, I have an a PC Card/PCMCIA Wifi card and a separate Ethernet card, which uses a dongle cable. The computer is an antique and doesn't actually power up anymore, but when I did want to tinker with it last I couldn't find the dongle cable or the Wifi card. I'd more or less given up looking, but when I arrived in Italy this week  it was in the bag I'd put my work laptops in!

This blipe is an IBM branded Wifi card, actually made by Lucent, that I picked up free from a Linux user group meeting a number of years ago. Neither it nor the dongle were in the computer as they stick out of the side, so I'd put them in a laptop bag, but not the one I thought I had!

It's been processed as if it was shot with Ilford HP5, and I've added grain to go with it's age!

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