By Ridgeback13


We had a bit of a slow start, drinking tea and chatting and getting the weans ready, then waiting for a shower of rain to pass. Eventually we set off to the tube and into central London. Bit of dither early on about where to start, looking at Monument where AR had already been on a school trip and she told us all about the fire of London, then we walked up Pudding Lane and thought about going up to the Sky Garden (too long a queue) or the Bank museum to touch a real gold bar, but AR complaining she didn’t want to, so we walked across London Bridge and along Southbank to the Tate Modern. We wandered through an exhibition (the Yayoi Kusama was sold out) about colour. Lots of discussion about why some things were on the wall and seen as art when others (eg the air circulation grills) were just walked across and not even noticed….AR decided to test this out by ‘hanging’ her fluffy toy on a bungee string on the wall next to the framed receipt of a list of white items bought in the co-op (extra).
After a look in the shop and Mx doing a drawing that he hung on the art wall there we walked back along the river to Borough market for lunch. So much busier than I’ve ever seen it before…gracious! After a lot of wandering around we eventually settled on cheese toasties and a pretzel for Mx, then cookies for them and a doughnut for Mt and I…lovely!
Down to the Imperial War Museum next and Mx chose to start with WWII. Tricky to explain some of the films and exhibits to them (and Mx thought I said the Nasties when telling him about the Nazis), but they enjoyed the Enigma machine, crawling into the Morrison shelter, and touching the planes and tanks. Bought some model planes in the shop then as we’d walked a long way by then we decided to head home. Busy tubes (we’d forgotten it was Friday…had felt like Saturday!) but we were home fairly soon and slumped with a cup of tea. They were hoping to go out to see a film and have dinner but there was nothing on they fancied so once the kids were in bed we got a Vietnamese take away and just watched some more Race across the World (Canada looking beautiful) and relaxed. H had been doing an assignment all day so we talked about her course and future plans and tried to think about holidays but didn’t get very far!

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