By Ingleman

The End Is Nigh

Renovation Of Thermal Element

Day 12

A gorgeous sunny day, huge blue skies and a gentle but chilly breeze. 

Perfect weather for putting on a new roof. 

The lads have made amazing progress (obviously with shouted instructions and technical guidance from me!) and tomorrow is potentially the last day of l'instalation un nouveau toit.

Whilst the lads got on with the job Mrs I and I went to Craven Arms to offload some rubbish at the recycling centre, buy some chainsaw oil from the brilliant chainsaw oil shop and take Hollie for a grand walk along the Onny Trail. 

All in all a fine and satisfactory day.

My main blip shows two views of The Corvedale area, awash with yellow oilseed rape seed oil rape, and of course I couldn't let you go without seeing a view of the nearly finished roof. (extra) . Exciting innit! 

By the way, did you know a shark's favourite two words are 'man' and 'overboard' 

No, nor me. 

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