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By HarlingDarling

A hard choice of blip photo

Should it be the  picture of lovely Dela and Kathryn in the kitchen for the first time in several years. Dela is our miracle friend! She had sickle cell disease which has given her a life of pain and illness and health problems. She has had cancer and a stroke in the last couple of years, and this was her first visit to the house for ages, and it was just wonderful! We met her husband John in town yesterday, and will see them again in church tomorrow. 

We were married in the Methodist church in Woodbridge, and know lots of people there, although they do seem to have got a lot older and even died, which seems a bit harsh. Anyhow, the service is going to be hymns and some readings, no sermon and coffee afterwards. I have always thought the coffee is a vital part of church community building, we will see how it goes!

Today we have done washing and hung it out, this will tell you that the weather was sunny and dry. We strolled down to the riverside area where the Earth Day was being celebrated with stalls selling good things, compost encouragement, wondrous cloths from Uganda, the museum was open and heaps of people were there. In the museum I discovered that there was a zeppelin attack in Woodbridge during the first world war. 6 people died and many were injured, and houses were blown to bits. Gosh, I had no idea.

We enjoyed the buzz, gentle and civilised. I went to the charity shops to mooch around the book shelves and found a "teach yourself Portuguese in 3 months" book, which is now in my possession. I think I need to get a few things straight in my head before simple going forward blindly on Duolingo. What a find! I have no ridiculous expectations about learning a language in 3 months or even 3 years, but understanding a bit more would be lovely!

We are enjoying our time here in our old haunts, in the spring sunshine. The main is part of the woods with bluebells and distant family and a slightly religious feeling in the top left corner. That was taken on out walk this morning. Washing was done later, and hung out, and taken in as dry clothes. Wonderful. The knicker situation was reaching critical, so that's a relief. Important stuff, should I be in an accident, nice to have clean togs on!!

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