Penguin Droppings

By gen2

In Appreciation

I was inspired to put this together by an announcement on this morning's radio that today is 'World Penguin Appreciation Day'
You can read more about it here:-
I wasn't aware that we had such a day until now.

I looked through my collection of over 100 penguin models and there is not a single one recognisable as a Gentoo!  Not one!  Emperors, Kings, Chinstraps, Adelies, even a Fairy, but no Gentoos.  I hadn't realised that before but why have model makers shied away from making gentoo penguins?
I had to make do with this pair of chinstraps made by Highbank Porcelain of Lochgilphead.  The other component is a close-up of a rather small wave on the beach in front of me.

GIMP helped me put them together.

Could this be the start of Project A?

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