Not much to do today. Have a bus late in the afternoon so decided to take it easy and explore some of the regular tourists spots of Manali. Last night we went to a restaurant in the evening. It was strategically placed with a beautiful view and was run by one Mr Daniel from Switzerland. Daniel is a travel freak and has been living in India for 30 years. He has toured quite a bit of Asia in the last 20 years and is now married happily to a local woman and settled in the hills of Manali. He used to do quite a bit of photography with his Minolta film SLR in his earlier days. The pictures in his album were breathtaking! We went back to his place for a nice sumptuous breakfast and some morning shots of the snow.
We all had parted by now. We were just two of us together till evening. After exploring some of the regular spots, we took a bus back to the hotel. The driver put on some really nice local folk music in the bus and we didn't realize when we dozed off. When we woke up, the conductor told us that the bus has left the hotel about 3kms back. We had a nice and leisurely walk back to the hotel.
A few hours later, I was at the window seat of my bus to Delhi. This is going to be a long 15-hour journey and I wanted to enjoy every bit of the mountains through the window, wondering when I would be back in the hills. Adios Himachal! hope our paths cross again sometime in life!

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