By Kentboy


Today I'm feeling better so my choice was Lanthwaite Wood and see how far along the bluebells are.  Maybe 2 weeks and they'll be in bloom.  I decided to see what was worth photographing today and not go with anything specific in mind.  This was one of those ideas.  If wild swimmers turned up they would be photographed.  The seat I sit on was taken by holidaymakers from Herefordshire and we got chatting.  I told them what they could expect to see and sure enough a swimmer turned up.  We had talked about wetsuits and the lady's daughter, also a wild swimmer, and she doesn't wear a wet suit just like this soul in the photo.  I then moved on to taking photos  of the filter beds using a mini tripod and resting a lens on a box.
I did manage to find a secluded spot to take my photos with only a few people (and dogs) passing me as they walked over a bridge.  Will it be the same for the rest of the weekend?  I'll keep away from the busy places, I think.
Whatever you do have a good time.

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