By RunAndrewRun

The training-regime has commenced :-(

OK - my training-regime has commenced ... and just as the 2013 Edinburgh Marathon is getting underway, I've completed my first (short!) 2-mile run in preparation for the 2014 one :-)

As forewarned yesterday, do expect lots of photos of the canal - as per today - as I very luckily live just off of it and am likely to do a lot of my running along it!

I have also downloaded a running-app. onto my i-phone, and will keep a relatively accurate (and honest!) record of my exploits on this blipfoto diary ... here goes (in old money):

Date: 26/5/13
Height: 6 ft 4inches
Weight: 16stone 10pounds
Distance run: 2miles
Pace: 9mins/mile

And remember, you can read a bit more on just why I'm undertaking this insanity (and maybe even sponsor me!) by clicking here.

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