By TheOttawacker

The Master Sculptor

Saturday afternoon in the pouring rain. Not even Mrs. Ottawacker was heartless enough to drag Ottawacker Jr. out in it, so we decided to head over to the Québec side for a little bit of culture.

My friend André was exhibiting (the French always say "exposing himself" in this context, which is funny and slightly alarming) at a small arts festival held in Gatineau. I thought I'd pop over and say hello - give him support. After all, being a sculptor is lonely enough, without having to sit alone when you're exposing yourself. To my surprise, it was packed. Hundreds of people, all taking in the sculptures and paintings and other artistic endeavours. Quite impressive. The extras are of a couple of his pieces.

After that, off to a bookstore to get a gift for Ottawacker Jr.'s godfather. Of course we lost him. Found him "on the throne" reading (also extra). Home. Dinner.

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