By TrishaR

Back from Camp

We had to pick up Ben at 12:30 from the scout hut up the road after three days at an adventure camp in Brechin. There was around 700 scouts there from around Scotland. He came off the mini bus with a red eye - conjunctivitis!

We walked down the road with all the stuff - tent, food bag, clothes rucksack, all the ‘stuff’! I washed what was filthy while he had a shower and the. He ticked into roast chicken, chips and bread, starving after three days of cooking their own food. There was plenty mud at the camp and the toilet was disgusting, a hole in the ground and he said a baseball cap was sitting in the middle of it!!

We went down to the pharmacy and it seems this complaint is rife at the moment as the pharmacist only had one tube left of antibiotic ointment, no drops.

Dropped him back home for some chill time .

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