Latter-Day Saint Chapel - Leura

This stunning building was designed by Ken Woolley in 1980, built in 1983.
It used to be visible from the highway until recently, in a great sweeping curve, but now you need to go out of your way to see it.

The photo group challenge is architecture, so my homework is done, and I have a blip.
Win win:)

I had to get down on the ground to get this angle, as it was suggested that trees not be included. As it is surrounded by beautiful autumnal trees this was not easy.
I must have looked a sight, especially getting back to my feet.
I would have preferred a cloudless sky, so I may return.

In fact, I'm very curious to see inside, which is also all white and designed to capture as much light as possible.

I just read this on a site called Green Mormon Architect:
'It is rumoured that the presiding bishop, during a tour of the building, said the church would never again build a meetinghouse like this.
And it never has.'

Linda - Ken Woolley grew up in Daceyville and is an alumnus of your old school, though somewhat before your time.

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