ALL about ME..for now

By Mobius

Coach Built

This old Land Rover, was reconstructed (using original body panels, parts), upgraded and customised by it's owner and renovator.  He was very keen to show and tell me what he'd done. The custom white lights were my initial draw; he was very proud of his leather covered door sides, seats and dashboard (also I think). 

It's a win!
Our Trent ward Lib Dem candidate won our ward overturning a large Tory majority, winning by 50 votes (48% vote vs 44% Tory, 9% Green). Candidates are allowed to monitor the count, and he estimated that 80% of postal votes from our village were for him rather than the Tory village resident.

Ward turnout increased from 46% tom 49% (approx 70 votes). Trent had the highest turnout last district council election. so possibly still have the best.

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