Nature Watcher

By NatureWatcher

The girls

This afternoon I looked after I while her parents took the baby to an appointment at the hospital in Telford.  I had made a chocolate cake and she put the icing and decorations on it.  She also did the important jobof licking the spoon (extra). Afterwards we went for a walk around the hillfort to see the bluebells.

When they came from hospital they stayed for tea and F came too.  It was a most enjoyable family time. my blip is of I and E with their mum.

I heard today that our ferry to Mull has been cancelled and the only other one that date is for late at night. In order to get there earlier we'll have to do a longer detour, it's unfortunate but at least we have an alternative route.  I'd heard about problems with the ferries, it must be very difficult for residents of the islands.

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