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Suppporting Blipfoto

It’s been some time since we updated you on the progress to get more support for the running of Blipfoto.  We’re delighted to say that we had a fantastic response for our call for volunteers last year and though it has taken us some time to get things moving, we are now progressing in a number of different areas. 
As Richard and Bex have already reported, they have now been joined by Alan, Lynne, Cat and Lindsay on all things community.  They launched the first community challenge of 2023 on the Community Blog last month and we know there are more plans for exciting things to come. 
The Blipfoto Board has been meeting with other members who approached us with an interest in the governance of Blipfoto and we’ll have more to say about that in the future. 
We also have an expanded team of people to help on moderation.  While we always feel very fortunate that members are generally compliant to the rules, we do get the inevitable new advertising accounts that need to be suspended, as well as other posts that aren’t in the spirit of Blipfoto.  We are always very mindful to be consistent in our approach to moderation and having a larger team will help us to do this. 
On this note we do feel we need to remind all members about copyright and the law around reproduction of media, including newspapers, magazines, books, paintings as well as TV and film screens and websites.  Particularly after a weekend where there were a number of posts on Blipfoto of screenshots from the Coronation and Sunday Concert, we really hope that members will resist the urge to commemorate events and the like on their journals in this way.  Why not instead, find a more creative way of recognising such events?  There were several examples where members have done this, with much more interesting images and they made the life of our moderators much easier as a result.  Moderators genuinely hate to suspend entries, it’s upsetting for both them and the journal owner, so we ask again that you don’t post these screenshots.  Our acceptable use policy, which you all agree to comply with as members, goes into more detail. 
We’ll be coming back to you in due course with more updates on our progress, but for now, happy blipping. 

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