David J. Rose

By djrose007

Jonty and 'Babies'

What a mixed up day! Warm bouts of sunshine, torrential showers in between, and even thunder and lightning again.
Only went out to take Buddy and Hendrix to school and to take, and pick up, F.M.i.L. at her day centre.
Jonty has spent most of the day lounging around and gathering his old babies together. He put them into his bed with him.
They have both been with him since he was a puppy, one of them still has his squeak, if you know where to press it, but they are as old as Jonty so getting a bit tatty now.
Coming up for Jonty's 16th birthday in July.
Last summer we got him a gel cool-mat to lie on, we did have some quite hot spells in 2022. He got to like it so much  that he took to pushing his little mattress out completely and just sleeping on the cool-mat. He punctured it, you know how dogs scratch around trying to get their bed comfortable, and so I got him a new one. He just seems to love it.

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