Crown Point Bridge, River Aire, Leeds

(Blipped Late! tut tut)

Woke up (very late, but I must have needed it!) and it was already decided that the front drive needed de-weeding! (Don't get block paving it's a pain to maintain!!) After 5 continuous hours the drive looks as good as new and I couldn't stop admiring it... :) (And too say I was covered head to toe in mud would be an understatement!)

We had planned on having a glass of Champagne and relax in the garden but we opted for a wee run out not knowing where we would end up! So Leeds was our final destination and have to say totally enjoyed our walk around. Discovered a part of Leeds that we never knew existed.... More to the point I didn't know a River ran through it with canals!!

The Bridge you see is called "Crown Point" and was built in 1842.

So a late night (hence I didn't blip when I got back home and all in all a wonderful Bank Holiday Sunday!! :))

Thank you for the overwhelming response to yesterday's blip "Blew my socks off!"

Hope you're all enjoying this faboolous Bank Holiday "Carry on Blipping!" :))

Ps. Dave - what was the name of that Church? I'll look for it next time!!

Got to view LARGE :)

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