By Ingleman

Country Life

Busy day but fine weather in Shropshire. 

I was up early for a dental appointment - broken tooth - repaired and good to go. 

Then on to Ditton Priors for a personal call and a brief stop to photograph the Netchwood Water Tower House. 

It is a long term project for a local business man and I often take pictures if I am passing. 

I don't think there has been much progress since I last saw it. 

Then home to walk Hollie dog and shock horror!  Our field is being ploughed up for crops, possibly potatoes... I am appalled. First they put sheep in, then they plough it up for spuds. Who do these farmers think they are, desecrating our field!! (Well, it's their field actually but I am going for dramatic effect...) 

Then back to the house for a quick cuppa and mow the lawns again.. I am sure I can hear it growing.. 

the move i can hear the grass grow lyrics

Forgot to mention the Jag, that won't do. Got the cat out for a spin out to Ludlow, collect my season ticket. For £8 one can have entry to the castle and grounds for the day. 

For £20 the same one can have access to the castle and grounds as many times as one chooses throughout the year. No brainer. 

And I had the top down, so there! 

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