Far from mono Monday

I am delighted that we managed to protect the tree peony from the frost when it was in bud.. this year with just the one flower it seemed important to try to preserve it.  The bottom two photos show it from the side and from the top as it gently unfolds.. such a beauty. 
The apple top left is in full chorus now and some flowers have already gone over. Top right is the Red Robin hedge flower which I blipped a few days ago in tight bud. 
A busy day painting.. I have finished the important wall needed to mount the new towel radiator on and also finished painting the cupboard doors.. I cannot wait to see them in situ (which may be later this evening) so that they can dry properly while hanging rather than lying on a table.  
Eldest daughter is coming for supper tonight and to pot up her tomato seedlings which are rather large now!

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