Building Sn3 and N Worlds

By Stationmaster

Shingles for the station

I have finished putting on wall shingles on the upper wall portions for the Dolores station. The two pieces on the right just had their shingles applied- each strip is like the single loose strip one in the middle of my magnetic building platform. Just cut to length. I had painted (air brushed) them the wall color already. Then thanks to Banta (the kit maker) I followed the laser markings on the walls and just glued on the strips one after another. Once dry, I used a sharp Exacto blade to trip off the excess. Like the pieces on the left. The square holes are for the windows.

I build things on this perfectly flat metal base, and use small magnets to hold down the work so it does not warp. The magnets are very strong. A while ago I discovered that the magnets inside discarded electric toothbrush heads can be removed with a set of pliers and they make great building magnets. And the price is right.

Since I need to put the windows in the walls shortly, I decided on which will be open - maybe with the drapes blowing out. Probably use tissue paper soaked with white glue for this. Have also bought a figure to be looking out the top window.

These upper walls are now ready to go on to the station base, above the clapboard siding you might see in the last blip.

Actually easier than I thought.

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