Birthday eating

Another birthday bites the dust.

Not just my birthday, but also the birthday of Ron, another member of the music group. The great composer Richard Wagner was born 200 years ago last Wednesday, so today's third birthday celebration saw our music session turn into Wagner Day, with only his music played. Ron was the host, and did Dickie proud. He decorated the house appropriately, and laid on quite a spread for afterwards. Each item on the table had a card with a Wagner-related description. Thanks for a great tribute to Wagner, Ron.

I had to leave Ron's place earlier than the rest. Carl had booked a table in Dylan McGrath's Fade Street Social restaurant. Sadly, it wasn't great. Tables are too small and too closely packed together. It was very noisy. The food was good, but far from great (we agreed that a recent Chew & Chat night in The Rustic Stone, another of Dylan McGrath's restaurants, was a much more enjoyable experience.)

Our table had been booked for 7:00 pm, we left by 9:00 for one pint in the nearby Library Bar and then got a taxi back to Carl's place. We finished the night by watching Seven Psychopaths, a glorious romp (Sam Rockwell is utterly brilliant!) which wound up a great day in perfect style.

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