The Way I See Things



While the Boy Wonder was having his pram nap this afternoon, I made straight for the patch of Geranium phaeum which provided me with good invertebrate photos last Thursday. Today it was less busy, possibly because it was hotter, but I liked this marmalade fly, who spent several minutes delicately picking pollen grains off the anthers of this flower, and stopping every now and then to fastidiously clean her feet and proboscis by wiping them on each other.

After a couple of weeks during which the Boy's sudden need to assert his autonomy has led to some minor conflicts, today's visit was a breeze. B was charming and sunny throughout, and inclined both to amuse and be amused by us. Interestingly, he brought up the worst quarrel we had last week - a subject we certainly wouldn't have mentioned - and it was clear that it had been on his mind, and that he was keen to avoid a repetition. We reassured him that we were too, and after that he was quite happy, and the topic wasn't raised again. At two years old he seems to have more emotional intelligence than many adults.

Word of the day: "Acshully", which he produces appropriately, and with great relish. The Boy loves language, and I love the care and pride he takes in expressing himself.

B to R this afternoon, standing on top of the tallest climbing frame in the small children's playground, and pointing over to the big equipment: "That is for bigger children. When I are bigger children, I will be able to go on it."

R (managing not to laugh): "That's right - you will."

B: "Yes. I will. But you won't, Granddad, because you are too small."

R: "Am I small?"

B, firmly: "Yes. You are small, and I am big."

Which given that he was standing up at about our shoulder height at the time, really wasn't unreasonable.

And then later to me, after I'd encouraged him to climb a ramp on one of the frames, and applauded him for reaching the top: "You come up now, Grandma Jill. Iss your turn."

J: "No, darling - I can't come on the climbing frame!"

B, coaxingly: "Can you try?"

Bless him. I was genuinely tempted to take my turn and climb up there, just so as not to let him down.

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