By FlyingPRGal

Rooster in the Herbs

Naughty Cooper the Rooster rustling around in the herb garden. Enjoyed watching the chucks in Clare’s garden at lunchtime today.

She invited me round for coffee to keep her company for a while. It’s been 10 days since her mum sadly passed away and she’s feeling numb and unsure what to do with herself. To be expected I told her. Go gentle on yourself I also said.

We decided the current weather is perfect… sunny, gentle breeze, not too hot, not chilly. If only it would stay like this! Enjoyed the tranquility of Clare’s garden and sitting chatting.

Popped to the Pluckley Farm Shop afterwards for local strawberries and my favourite Kentish Blue cheese. I put the roof down on my car and it felt like summer. Shame about the hayfever and my eyes streaming! Well one eye. It’s always just one. So odd.

I was thinking of meeting up with another friend this afternoon but she was working unexpectedly so I cracked on with chores. Cleaning and laundry mostly. Folded away many clothes that have been sat around waiting to be put away. Feels so good to get these niggly tasks done. Fresh sheets on the bed too. Lovely.

Spoke to my mum on the phone this evening. She was pleased she and dad had weeded the border of the front garden. Hoping to see mum and dad next weekend.

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