By FlyingPRGal

Talking Heritage

Talking heritage today at the HW steering group meeting. A less than exciting venue but functional with decent conference facilities. Met some new colleagues and we had a productive meeting.

Popped into LC enroute home for a catch up with LaLa. We sat in the garden at my request and I am so glad it was beautiful after the view of the grey office all morning.

We chatted about loved ones struggling with recent sudden illness and troubles. So much of it around lately. I passed on some advice from my dear late friend Claire who said: “Top up your teapot before filling anyone else’s!

Sound advice. I hope we both manage it a bit more as we are prone to take on other’s troubles a little too often for our sanity, I feel, at times! But as LaLa said: “We cannot change who we are!” So true.

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