The Way I See Things



I did so much gardening today that right now I barely know what to do with myself. Some light spinal torture on the Shakti mat, I think, and then (hopefully) sleep. And tomorrow, with luck, I'll go outside, look around at my handiwork, and decide that it was worth all the discomfort.

I found these hairy shieldbugs (previously more commonly called sloe bugs) on the dead nettle patch in the front garden. They really don't care for being caught in flagrante, which makes it a little strange that they choose to do the deed in such an open and well-lit spot. If I'd been a predator rather than a pornographer, today's special offer on shieldbugs would have been unmissable: eat one, get one free. As it was, I got my shots garnished with the mild bonus amusement of watching the shieldbugs each try to pull the other away to safety.

Normally in these circumstances the female wins because she's bigger and heavier, but in this case the male had gravity on his side, and neither partner was able to prevail. Stalemate ensued, which was doubtless stressful, and because I'm nice (or at least, relatively harmless) I quickly moved away to let them conclude their encounter in peace. Next time, guys, get a room.

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