Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Looking like a Baby Fox

This morning, my daughter and I went to visit my kitten. She seems to have a gentle a sweet personality and her colouring is looking more and more like a little fox. I love the tip of her tail which is black and the very cute little black pads under her paws. We had a little cuddle and then I put her back in her soft and cosy bed (which has been given to me as it has her odour on it and that will make her feel at home). She is more or less weaned and eating solid food and gradually putting on weight.

I'm wondering if the name Honey still suits her - 'Foxy' doesn't sound very feminine for a little female!

Only three weeks today before she comes home to live with me!  I will endeavour not to post too many kitten pictures on my journal. I know that too many pet photos are not interesting for folk who don't have pets!

I have included a picture of her round-faced daddy, Simba, in the first tiny square on the upper left, and mummy, Rama, on the right.

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