Reikes small life...

By Reike

WILLOW - he's here!

Yesterday after work, I went by train to Freiburg in Germany to meet my very good friend Chris. Early this morning, we drove off to the Emmental in Switzerland to collect Willow. 

The very last bit to the yard was very steep, and we got stuck! Luckily, a lady who rode past on her horse, came over, demanded for Chris to leave the car and helped us out of our predicament. Only then did she say: I am a lorry driver! 

Willow was such a good boy and stepped onto the trailer no problem, and he remained good all the way, even when he did not like the tunnels. 
Unloading went well, too, and then he met his new neighbour, Sonny. I couldn't believe it, they first met and Willow immediately offered to scratch his back! 

I think they are gonna be best friends. 

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