Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

The livin' is still easy

At least it was in the middle of the day when we put up the hammocks and lounged int hem, reading our books and drinking coffee and water - and eating a sugar-free glass of fruity delight. I am struggling a bit with the sugar-free, low carb/no carb thing...

Before this period some washing was done, the bed changed (just reassembled with the same bedding) - such a wonderful feeling when that's possible! Both spinning drying lines are up now which is another sign of summer in these parts. Breakfast was taken on the deck, and we both had to hide from the sun a bit! It's been proper warm today.

Keith continues on his fan-mounting task but first we moved a lot of soil and grass, huge piles of this were scraped up by an over enthusiastic Rikard the first few times he cleared snow. The ground wasn't frozen so some fairly thick layers of what we charming call "lawn" were scoured right off. They ended up on top of one of the flower beds and have utterly squashed some lilies. Anyhow, they were extremely heavy to shift without a massive machine, so they were chopped up and barrowed back to base. A bigger job than we thought it would be, and it isn't finished... there are gaps in the resulting jig-saw puzzle and it's very uneven. looks rather unlovely to be perfectly honest. I will avert my eyes!

Otherwise I have been tidying up the wall of green things beside the deck. I have gradually got rid of a lot of weeds and nasty grass, and shoved other plants into the spaces. It's almost vertical so this is a challenge. There is lingon, wild pansies, wild anemones, several low covering planty things and soon there will be cascades of nasturtiums. According to me! I have planted lots of kernels that I have dried and now soaked. I hope something comes up. 

Our neighbour popped up out of nowhere and made me jump, told me the temperature in both the close by lakes and waved his stick in the air in a slightly worrying way. I carried on with my green-fingered activities and lo and behold if he didn't pop up again! His house is above ours but it's a long way off. I am used to strolling about in a state of nature from time to time - this popping up is disturbing to say the least. He had nothing fresh to say except a repeat of "lovely summer's day, isn't it?", I think it is a sign that his condition is worsening, he seemed to have no memory of just having been here.... poor guy.

Another slightly poor guy is my loved one who is still doing battle with the electrics and the inside casing of the new fan. I hope it works well, it's taken a heap of time to install, but we think it was better to do it ourselves, then we understand what is what. It's going up for 8 o'clock and he is still out there, I think an intervention might be needed. It doesn't go dark these days, and we have so far had no biting insects so there is no natural end to the working day.

My Mum died on this day in 1977, her life came to an end and my 21 year old life entered a very different phase. The effects were overwhelming and profound and frightening and confusing, they also coincided with other momentous changes in my life. Looking back I can see that this is what put some fire in my belly and removed any residual patience I might have had. Limited Time is limited, just do it, don't you waste my time, people we love die! There was a lot of dynamic energy released, as well as a lot of sorrow.

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