By WharfedaleBex

Coincidences but no singing

Well, I did sing for a while until the greenfly set in - at least they weren't midges!

I was tired today but enjoyed myself nonetheless! Particularly because my tiredness had me stopping for a seldom used cafe stop where I met a guy with a set of coincidences that grew increasingly surprising:

He knows a blipper (his son's had his photo taken by him).
He knows my next door neighbour.
He used to live almost exactly a mile from where I grew up - probably when I did (it’s about 50 miles from where I am now.)

He was a really lovely guy and I do enjoy having these meet-ups when I'm out and about.  Made it home with little left in the tank - and that was on caffeine and a bacon butty too!

Dry. Sunny. Shorts and shirts. Not bad for a Monday Funday!

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