Keith B

By keibr

It really is summer...

Today it's summer!
For a while now my outdoor blips are usually tagged "spring" but today's is the first one tagged "summer". There were many signs summer has now arrived.
I noticed the first one at breakfast. We were eating out on the deck and after a while I felt my legs were risking sunburn. We both turned our chairs around so the sun was behind us.
The next sign of summer was that after  exerting ourselves moving a pile of sods and earth we collapsed in the shade, rather than out in the sun.
The third sign was the first summer shower. Feeling hot and grubby and having a quick shower to cool off. Not much washing because you know you'll be back in the shower again later.
Sign four - washing the bedding, hanging it out to dry, and then putting it back on the bed (fully dry) later in the day.
The fifth sign - getting the hammocks out and taking it easy in the middle of the day.
Today's blip is the view from the hammock as I lay back and relax. Newly minted birch leaves and a lovely blue sky.
The fan is finally in place in the camper van and working as it should. It all came together at the end of the day so tomorrow I have to do some tidying up but the job is done. The longest struggle today was getting the cables in place between the ceiling and the roof of the van, and then to emerge into a small hole I drilled inside a side cupboard. No cables visible in the van.   I feel rather pleased with myself!!

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