The second half of life..

By twigs

Come in number 5

A busy day but one where I managed to get a few smaller tasks ticked of my seemingly infinite list of to-do's. It was also the first seriously cold day of the year and there's been plenty of snow fallen down south. Hope all the southern blippers are faring well down there :)

Had a meeting with a lawyer after work to get some advice on the image issue I had recently. It seems I do have a case so the question now is whether I wish to proceed. There are several other layers of fact and consequence to consider . . . . . .

The drive home from town is always relaxing even if it is made during rush-hour! Actually, rush hour almost makes it more relaxing as there's more time to enjoy the sights of the bay at a much more leisurely pace. The cormorants were flying in to gather on Fifeshire Rock at the end of their busy days - a kind of aerial rush hour! Hope they enjoyed the view they had of us as much as I enjoyed the view I had of them!

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