Tuesday night is Guitar Lesson Night.

Today was more waiting for build. Then furiously testing build. Then things got back to what life should be.

Pick the kids up at After School Club. Tesco for a prize for Rose as she'd got Star Walker at After School Club. David got a prize yesterday because he got Star Walker too and I wanted to reinforce the positivity of that event.
Rose chose tea tonight which is invariably cheesy pasta. I say invariably but it's actually 100% her choice, 100% of the time. Have to say, I'm damn feckin' good at cheesy pasta now.
I decided on Winter In America by Gil Scott Heron as tea making music and, this has never happened to me before, as the final barres of the final track on side two (vinyl, obviously) rang out; tea was ready. How fucking cool is that?!
I stuck side two on again and shouted through TEEEAAA'S REEEEAAAADY!
We had a lovely tea, chatting, eating, laughing, drinking. Then, Rose was allowed to watch telly and David & I sat down to learn guitar.

This is one of my happiest dad moments, confident that I know all the answers and able to help my son learn something I know he'll cherish for the rest of his life. Playing an instrument is a beautiful expression of yourself and probably the best way I have found to have some constructive, creative me time that's not in the slightest bit self-destructive or selfish.

I had him in stitches when coming up with a way to learn how to remember the notes of the strings:


I don't think he'll forget that easily.

We then watched some Animaniacs together, read Where's My Cow? then read a chapter of Northern Lights.


In side news, I've committed to something a bit mental; I am going to be P6/7 football coach.

This should be interesting...

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