Now we have everything

By Gembop

Easter's coming

So another excuse for a silly outfit!

Charlie and I caught the bus into town again today to meet my portfolio team, and Tom my client partner, for lunch. I met them at the restaurant and Charlie was sleeping lovely. Right up until the food arrived!

He was hungry but although I've flashed half of North London I didn't feel comfortable feeding him there and then, so after food I headed into the office to use a lab. It was a good job too as the moment I fed him he did the most explosive poo that destroyed his outfit. For some reason the only one I had in my change bag was the bunny outfit he's due to wear this weekend!

When we finally surfaced and I started to make our way out (people have got work to do after all), I was being stopped left, right and centre so colleagues could say hello or meet the little guy. As usual he was really happy in their company. I hope he stays as sociable, it's a lovely trait.

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