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Just ...........

 ............ Clem - hanging around outside the kitchen window.   
Taken late evening (so photo a bit 'noisy') when I realised I hadn't picked up the camera all day.

"Interesting" delivery from Amazon - more of that next Saturday for SillySaturday.   I bet you can't wait - not!!!!

Himself not too well for the past couple of days so stretched out under a light blanket, on the sofa, alternating between snoozing and watching the News, PBS or the History Channel.
I did some garden stuff - a bit of potting up and then pulled out a big pile of "sticky" weed  (I really cannot call it Sticky Willy without a silly schoolboyish smirk - lol)  -  I now have a itchy, red rash on both hands and up both arms!  Scritchy scratchy!   
Note to self:  wear gloves and long sleeves next time.

~ Anni ~

This is Saturday uploaded at 07.30 on Sunday.

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