Pigeon Fancier and His Pooch

There's an old air field down the road, and this morning it was host to a dozen pigeon fanciers and a few thousand racing pigeons.
They often release them there as there are no overhead wires.
I ended up chatting to them and taking lots of photos.
I suspect the fanciers are more endangered than the pigeons.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay for their release, as there was heavy fog in Sydney, and they kept postponing it.
If they'd headed off they might have become disoriented and not made it home.
But I shall return.

I learnt a lot about pigeons and was intrigued to hear that one sold in the States last week for $407K!
Of course, that pigeon won't be flying anywhere in a hurry.

This chap and his old dog have a great relationship.
He had just finished telling me she nearly died a few weeks ago, but has made an amazing recovery.
I was very pleased for them both.

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