Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

A Tale of Two Trees


Yesterday, I had a big catch-up doing back blips but ran out of steam when it came to doing the journal for the day. :((

So, here is the Flame tree again, but from another angle. Today's picture was taken from my bedroom window. When we came to view the flat - on 7th May 2012 - this is the view that made me think, regardless of what needs to be done to the flat, we're going to say "Yes" to it. I was so thrilled that it was a red flame tree we had, rather than an orange one. The eucalyptus tree gives plenty of shade, which is very welcome at this time of the year. Over the years, it's been cut right back several times. It now stands firm and is a great indicator for me as to how breezy it is outside. :)))

I didn't go out today. Some of my friends here will be horrified that I've been home for three whole days! There has been loads to get done, and I've been glad to have the time to do it. The day in the office was pretty hectic, so I was glad when I could finally switch off and do something "mundane"!!

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