Meet Mr. Fuzzybritches, Laundry Inspector

Or, A Celebration of the Joys of Warm, Clean Laundry.
Starring Dexter the Tabby.

Can there possibly be anything more tempting to a cat than a warm, clean, good-smelling pile of laundry on the bed waiting to be folded? But wait, before we fold it, let's check: does the laundry meet our quality standards?

We are quite fortunate today to have available to us the expert services of Mr. Fuzzybritches, Laundry Inspector.


Mr. Fuzzybritches, are you finding the laundry soft enough?


Mr. Fuzzybritches, does the fresh laundry meet your standards for warmth?


Mr. Fuzzybritches, does the clean laundry smell good?


Mr. Fuzzybritches, does each individual piece of fresh laundry contain enough comfortables?

ZZZZZzzzzzz . . .


Well, I guess it passed THAT test. Our laundry has now been inspected and certified by Laundry Inspector Mr. Fuzzybritches, aka Quality Inspector TABBY-1. (It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.)

The accompanying song: Dolly Parton, Washday Blues.

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