Why i should never run the country...

Bloody awful weather, did pop out for a bit and had to go into a car park.

If i ran the country i would pass a law that states if you spot anyone parking in a selfish, lazy inconsiderate way like this you can shoot them. You can even lurk and await their return if you want without fear of prosecution.

Now i am not completely unreasonable, i dont mean shoot them dead. The law would be quite specific that you can only shoot them in the knees. Over the coming weeks as they recuperate and cant drive hopefully they will reflect on how f@**ing selfish they are.

Now off to bring my blood pressure down with a good malt :-)

ps. actually, the person carrying out the "Driver behavioural correction" would also get rewarded with a really decent single malt

... and a medal
... with me on it giving a thumbs up

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