Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Birthday lights

We broke with the pattern of the last ten days, and instead of an estuarine walk we took Gus over the Knott. After spending most of the day behind the cloud, the low sun was shafting through gaps and reflecting off the mudflats below. The opposite shore with Meathop Quarry has featured in a couple of sea level blips recently. The pointy hill on the horizon is Caw, and that is about where the sun is setting at this time of the year. It was a spectacular light show for Arnside Simon's birthday. Wifie cooked a splendid meal and a jam sponge, and then we went for our walk with Gus.

Coming back through the fields towards Redhills Wood, we made a discovery that gladdened my heart. I shall explain in the next few days, I hope.

ps I very nearly replaced this blip with this one of Gus. But then it was too late, though I hope Draco sees it and likes it.

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