By Martigan

NEVER too old…

…to learn?
I learnt, today, that there are white flowering Chives, checked online - they are.
After Jerra & Clicky finished at a Funeral they picked me up, en route to "Melki". Grand weather with the usual plethora of plants and Macros of plants.
Having split up Jerra & I left Clicky to finish her drink and we, further, parted.
On my wanderings I stumbled through a tiny area I think has evaded me on previous visits.  There was a tiny "Cross-Road" of Paths, with a central Urn for a Roundabout.  All sides of said Crossroads were lined by Chives; half we're used to and half like this.
I suspect I may be back when mine seed, to see if I can "half-inch" some of theirs.

;¬ )

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