By Jude8

Rutland Water highlights

This is a back blip of my visit to the nature reserves of Rutland Water on 13 June.  A great variety of birds.  The highlights for me were the great crested grebes on their nest and a large number of little egrets and great white egrets.  Also some cormorants hogging a dead tree!  (See extras)

I did go to see the ospreys and their three chicks but sadly neither my binoculars or camera were quite up to it.  Photograph in extra for completeness.

Then late in the evening at the hotel I came across a green woodpecker feeding its chick.  Needless to say I did not have my camera with me, only my phone otherwise I would have got a great close up.  Extras attached as well for what they're worth!

Highly recommend for a visit.

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