This pollen-laden flower beetle was not the least bit bothered that my camera was within an inch or two of him. This must have been a very tasty flower. I'm curious whether those are eyes or antennae sticking out from his head. (I think they are eyes.)

The flower is the same one I posted May 18 & 26 (growing wild on a bush on the edge of the woods). So far it's been prettier every day. All the tiny buds in the center are open now, and the larger flowers around the outside are still fresh looking - in spite of all the heavy rain.

My first choice for today's blip was a spider with four eyes. He was very tiny - only about 3/16th inch long. I tried downloading it, but blip denied it saying the image was too small. Actually, after I'd cropped the picture, I was pleased with how clear it was. I'm surprising myself with how interesting I'm finding bugs to be.

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