today's another day

By dbrereton

Paint the Train

Today I completed the Race The Train event between Bury and Rawtenstall, again, the 5th time.

It's a great route of around 10 miles and again I failed to beat the train, but did manage to complete the course in 1:50.

Well that was half the story.

I also had around 20 mins with my legs resting against a tree as I tried to stop a Supraventricular Tachycardia attack that I somehow managed to trigger.

It can happen any time, and exercise can be a trigger but so can being sat still at my desk at work.

I have Wolf Parkinson White, which means I have an additional electrical pathway in my heart. When I have an attack I end up with circular heartbeats of over 200 bpm.

I've learnt that you take gravity out of that situation as fainting isn't far away, and I've also learned how breathing can shock it back to its normal rate.

So once I did that, I ran on the last 3 miles.

Annoying but it it what it is.

After a pint or 2 at the station ended up chatting to this guy about the very expensive paint job that this loco had just had.

Extra....see if you can spot when it happened!

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