Plant Naughty Bits

This morning started with a bike ride to work. It's the first time it's been warm and dry enough to venture out for quite a while. Even though it's been a while since I've been in the saddle we were making good progress to work when (at about half way) there was a sudden loss of pressure in the front pneumatic wheel sub-system - I'd gone over a thorn... We took the wheel off and took the inner tube out to inspect - using a ditch of smelly water to find the puncture - locating a small puncture where the valve is attached. Patching didn't work so had to take the car instead and arrived rather later than planned...

Work was terminally dull today, more code reviewing and not in any way interesting. It's good that we do it as it reduced long term costs and gives the business a better solution but that doesn't make it interesting...

As we walked through the door a friend called with an IT problem. He didn't have enough disk space to install some maps for his GPS for a trip his planning to leave for in the morning. I walked over and we expanded the virtual disk from 10 to 15 GiB, then booted the virtual system into Linux to expand the file system to use all 15 GiB, the rebooted the virtual system into Windows which now had 50% more disk space and we were able to install the maps. Result!

Today's blip is the reproductive parts of my favourite plant Aquilegia vulgaris, also known as columbine, Granny's bonnet and a whole range of other names. My favourite colours for the flower are the darker forms such as the rich red/maroon and blue forms. I'm also quite partial to the bi-colours like this one.

Apparently the weather in Hampshire will be dry and mostly sunny this weekend, this is good and will make a change from the recent cold and rain.

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