Conditions Apply

I had an inkling this morning that this shot would win out today even though we had fun and some good shots from a friend's sister's son's second birthday party. Yeah, I know I have trouble keeping up sometimes too.

... anyway, back to this shot of our fake retro Bush radio ...

Mrs42 has taken to listening to Galaxy FM radio in the car. Good dancy pop tunes even if they only have about 25 songs on the playlist.

One of the adverts (commercials for those of you across the pond) is for an online dating service and there are a series of them making mild fun out of the Scots saying us men should go all William Wallace with the cologne (their word for it, not mine) and woo-ing the ladies. Its only slightly funny.

The tag line of the piece is "Find friends, find love. Conditions apply."

Do they not see the irony in that?

- - - - -

LOTD: Londoncalling's southbank man - great street shot and DOF. The main subject almost looks like he's about to deliver a sermon!

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